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    At Family Pool Care Services, we are dedicated to the safety of your family as first priority. We have been safely servicing pools in the Austin metro area for over 12 years.



Our Services

Scheduled Maintenance Plans

+ Raking the pool surface
+ Emptying all skimmers, pumps, and cleaner bags
+ Vacuuming pool floor
+ Brushing pool walls
+ Monitoring and backwashing filters as needed
+ Equipment and water level inspection
+ Checking and balancing pool water chemistry

Chemical Service

+ Emptying all skimmers, pump, and cleaner bags
+ Monitoring and backwashing filters as needed
+ Equipment and water level inspection
+ Checking and balancing pool water chemistry

Drain & Clean

Complete removal of pool water and debris due to:

+ Over stabilization
+ Very hard water due to source or chemical usage
+ Water has been in pool for over five years
+ Water has turned into a thick green mess
+ Walls and floor are then chlorine washed
+ Filter is cleaned or broken down

One-on-One Training

+ Understanding proper water chemistry and how to adjust it
+ Cleaning your pool and the tools needed
+ Labeling pipes and equipment and discuss all equipment
+ How to operate and program controllers
+ How to maintain your equipment
+ What chemicals you should use in your pool


+ Meet with your trusted pool agent
+ Discuss your pool’s needs
+ Assess any problems
+ Propose solutions to any problems

Service & Repair

+ Plumbing leaks and leaky pumps
+ Filter services and replacements
+ Pool lights and pump motors
+ Controller problems
+ Sensors, actuators, and heaters

(Residential Appliance Installer License #215835)

Client Benefits

Customized Maintenance Plan

No two pools are the same; the environment, your personal involvement, and use determine the level of service it demands. During our free consultation visit, we will devise a customized maintenance plan that achieves the goal of a safe clean pool which is ready for use at all times while staying within your family’s budget.

Hands-On Training

Whether it is a one on one training session or simply scheduling to learn how to perform regular maintenance on a piece of equipment, we are open to educating you on a weekly, monthly or yearly service. As consumers we understand that the more you know, the easier on the family budget owning a pool will become.


Because emergencies arise at the most unfortunate times and with very few exceptions, as a Family Pool Care Services client, I will make myself available via phone or text year round.

Flexible Scheduling

As parents we understand the demands a growing family has on your time. For this reason, we limit ourselves to a small number of accounts. The result is the ability to make ourselves available to meet or discuss issues in person or over the phone. You can also mix and match our different levels of service to meet the demand of the pool and stay within budget.

Chemical Expertise

The most important aspect of pool maintenance is the knowledge and ability to properly balance the water in a pool. It determines and protects the life expectancy of all pool components while ensuring a safe and enjoyable bathing experience. We have been responsibly and safely servicing pools in the Austin metro area for over 13 years.

Fully Insured

In order to ensure and protect your investment, Family Pool Care Services, carries liability insurance that meets or exceeds the minimums necessary to operate a pool maintenance service company in the state of Texas.

What Makes Us Different

We take great pride in providing a premium, VIP, pool service for those who understand that pool service is more than just a clean pool and appreciate the added attention to the safety of the family. By limiting the number of clients, it allows us to take the time to understand how often you and your family are using your pool, assess your current surroundings (trees, foliage, etc.) and evaluate your daily routines, so that we are able to provide a maintenance plan that results in a pool that is not only beautiful, but safe for you and your family without breaking the bank.

Our mission is to utilize our knowledge and experience to protect your investment and take care of your family so that we can provide for ours.


Owner & Father, Julio Versalles

Interested in Becoming a Client?

In order to provide the highest level of education, experience and protection we limit ourselves to a small number of accounts north of the river.

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P.O. Box 8003, Round Rock, TX 78683

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