pool ball valves are cheaper until they have to be replaced

When choosing pool plumbing valves for daily operation of equipment, make sure to consider how long they will last. Austin summers are long and very hot. Standard pool equipment ball valves are made of plastic. They are susceptible to UV … Read More

Spring time in Austin means D.E. Filter service time

Austin’s spring season is a beautiful time around town. All the blue bonnets and other spring flowers gathered along our main highways like spectators of our daily commute parade can lessen the grind of being stuck in traffic. Along with … Read More

Spring rain turning pool into a swamp

Spring rains amplified by an “El Nino” weather system have once again dumped a lot of rain in Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, and Georgetown. We appreciate all the free water, but sometimes it can be too much of a good … Read More

Swimming Pool Drain and Clean

Spring is here, that is evident with all the pollen in the air and our usually clean pools, full of oak, pecan and every other blooming tree’s blooms in the pool. The good thing is that the temperature is still … Read More

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