Swimming Pool Drain and Clean

Spring is here, that is evident with all the pollen in the air and our usually clean pools, full of oak, pecan and every other blooming tree’s blooms in the pool. The good thing is that the temperature is still on our side. The temperature of the pool is still not warm enough to support algae blooms.

In Austin, Texas and surrounding communities including Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, and Onion Creek, we are about to enter into Drain and Clean season.

A pool is usually fairly easy to maintain during the winter season, primarily because of the lower temperatures that don’t support algae growth, but also because they are not heavily used and the days are a lot shorter. If the pool wasn’t properly maintained and shocked every so often a pool will and can turn into a nightmare within several days.

As the days get longer and the temperature begins it’s yearly climb, we will enter the transition phase of a pool. The transition between cold and unused to warm and used. If you are not proactive and start to do all those things necessary to prevent an all out algae bloom, you could soon find yourself with a pool that is not only brown and green, but too far gone to economically turn around via chemical and running the equipment. It also doesn’t help that we have frequent Austin Metro area storms and weather events that last days at a time.

When a pool gets this far gone, with thick algae slime and full of debris, it is time to consider a Drain and Clean procedure.

A Drain and Clean is essentially a complete removal of the entire body of water, removal of all settled debris and sanitizing of all pool surfaces. Even though a Drain and Clean can be somewhat costly, it is still cheaper than the alternative.

If your pool hasn’t been fully drained in the last several years, a Drain and Clean can be killing two birds with one stone. Part of regular pool maintenance does require the periodic draining of a pool every five years or so.

Family Pool Care Services of Austin can help with the need to empty and reset a pool if and after the pool has become a swamp or pond. Because of our low overhead, we can Drain and Clean a pool for a fraction of what most pool companies charge for the same procedure.

Resetting a pool will not only deal with the problem at hand but also help to reduce costs of operating a pool for years to come. Give Family Pool Care a call to help deal with this transitional occurrence and help with your pool service needs moving forward through the swim season.

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