pool ball valves are cheaper until they have to be replaced

When choosing pool plumbing valves for daily operation of equipment, make sure to consider how long they will last. Austin summers are long and very hot. Standard pool equipment ball valves are made of plastic. They are susceptible to UV light and are, when improperly glued, very difficult to turn. When both of these variables meet it dramatically decreases the life of the valve. Usually resulting in a broken handle and a ball that is stuck in whatever position the handle failed.

A better option, although more expensive, is to use Jandy Neverlube valves. The cost difference between a ball valve and a Jandy valve is about twice the cost. But when you factor in the serviceability of a jandy valve, it pays for itself. A serviceable valve is one that can be repaired by replacing the internal mechanism that opens and closes different pool lines.

Serviceable valves usually have eight screws that can be removed to open the casing to easily replace a worn or torn diverter. Replacing a worn diverter is many times cheaper than having a qualified and experienced pool repair technician come and replumb the entire suction or return side manifold for your pool equipment. Usually manifolds are fitting to fitting, which means there is nowhere to cut the existing plumbing to add or repair it. This often means it gets cut somewhere near the bottom and completely redone. Plumbing your pool equipment from conception with serviceable valves is the best option, but if you find yourself with a ball valve handle in your hand, think long term and redo it with serviceable valves.

If you are in the process of building your pool make sure to ask for serviceable valves for the equipment, if you are in need of a repair for a damaged ball valve call Family Pool Care Services.

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